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What Sets Me Apart

I am a “me” not a “we.” I am the one with whom you meet initially, and every time thereafter. I answer your calls and respond to your e-mails. I prepare your tax returns. I do not pawn you off to an assistant. I am your CPA.

I take care of your needs well before and after your tax deadlines. I help you get organized and stay organized. I send you periodic reminders about the issues that matter to you. I aim to inform you and to simplify your life.

I offer personalized service. I pay close attention to my clients’ wishes and work individually with them to accomplish their financial goals. Most accountants are proficient number crunchers. Too few of us look beyond the tax calculations to evaluate the financial health of the people and businesses that produce the numbers. Of course I care about your bottom line; but it is the path that took you there and the path that I hope to help you travel that truly invigorate me.

I am your second set of eyes. I rectify past errors. I review the tax returns that your prior accountant prepared and, when necessary, advise you how to correct them. If your tax returns are audited, I represent you before the IRS and taxing authorities . I am proud of my proven track record of successful negotiation with the taxing authorities.

I can teach you how to automate tedious tasks with QuickBooks and Quicken. I am a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor and am equally adept with Quicken. I can help you get rolling with the appropriate program or enhance your current usage. Once I simplify your life, you can move on to the things that you care about most.

I offer proactive assistance throughout the year. I receive innumerable phone calls, e-mails and faxes in March and April. Certainly, those are the times when my services are most requested; but they are most needed long before then. Should you sell at a loss? Should you lease or purchase? Can you write off an intended business purchase? Let me assist you with your major financial decisions, now, and there will be no surprises come April.

I offer free one-hour consultations. I want you to feel comfortable in my hands. I am not just another suit for hire, and you are not just another web-site hit. I enjoy long-term relationships with my clients that begin at our first meetings, so the first one is “on me.”

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